Adding Inspection Points

Creating the Inspection point:

Inspection points can be visible objects or just invisible colliders, depending on what you need for your game - Use my test scene to get an idea of what they're like!
The knife has 2 inspection points as children
Tag: β€œInspectPoint” Layer: β€œInspectPointLayer” Add: Box Collider Add: β€œExamineInspectPoint” script
Here you can add a brief description in text form to display when you hover over an inspection point and also have an OnClick event when you select a point, you can see my example on the β€œCardboard Box” in the test scene!
On the parent object, in this example the knife object select the β€œExamineItemController” script and add the inspect points to the inspect point array at the bottom of the inspector! NOTE: This is very important!
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