Extra Notes

What and where is the examine point?

The β€œExaminePoint” on the β€œExamineCamera” is the object used to transform the examinable objects to it. Making them viewable during the interaction. Move this further or closer to make objects do the same when you examine them!

Disabling hints and tips?

You can disable the hints or tips which explain controls by navigating to the β€œUIManager” and unticking the β€œShowHelp” box in the inspector!

Explaining the emission?

The system uses the materials β€œEmission” value to make a highlight, you can set each materials emission values to β€œ0.5” if you aren’t using the emission value on the object. The script turns emission on and off so no need to do anything special. You can enable this on a per object basis by clicking the β€œShowEmissiveHighlight” on each interactive object within your scene, if you wish!

Changing Interaction Keys

You can change the interaction buttons by selecting the β€œUserInputManager” script and changing the desired key or mouse button!

Destroying instanced materials and why this is important

I have added a method within the β€œExamineItemController” which uses β€œOnDestroy” – This destroys the instanced object material, if you create one using the highlight. Meaning it will save any memory leakage in future!
Remember to take a look at the demo scene if you have any troubles, it might give you an idea on how to fix an issue!