Fuse Box System - Introduction

Support: YouTube || Website || Discord || Email Looking for a pack which combines all of my puzzle assets together, at a massively reduced price? Adventure Puzzle Kit This is a Raycast based system where the aim is to interact with and collect fuses around your game world. Once collected, these fuses can be added in any order to the provided fuse box. Once all fuses are found, this allows you to add some functionality to your game (Easily using UnityEvents) Whether this be a generator turning on or opening a locked door. It is extremely easy to setup and even allows for more than one fuse box per scene. CORE FEATURES
  • Raycast system that allows for pickup of fuses and fusebox independently, for gameplay usage
  • Add as many fuse box combinations to your game or scene, along with fuse objects
  • Fuse box with 4 slots for fuse collecting
  • Highly detailed PBR Fuse box and fuses
  • Scripts which can be easily modified
  • Sound effects for the system are included
  • Basic sound effects
  • Fully prefabbed
  • Full Documentation
  • Full C# Source Code
If you have any problems or have a question, don't hesitate to contact me via email​