Extra Notes
Your asset is setup and ready to use in your scene, please remember a few things.
1). Remember each of your 3D objects that are classed as notes within your scene should be tagged “Note” and have the layer of “Interact”. 2). You can edit all the note backgrounds and sizes within each of the settings for the notes! 3). If you want any extensions for notes, either contact me and I’ll help you out or add the sections to the code!
4). You can remove the “UI_Help_Canvas” if you wish, it was added to make interaction examples easier to understand when you first use the asset in the demo scene!

Trigger Setup / 3rd Person Controller Example

ADDING A TRIGGER EVENT – Using NoteTrigger script for 3rd person Controllers
1). Create a box or other 3D Object, make sure this object has a collider set to “IsTrigger”.
2). Add the “NoteTrigger” script to that 3D object and add the note object to the inspector slot named “MyNote”. (The keypad object will have the script “NoteController”)
3). Add your own or the “InteractPrompt” gameobject from the Crosshair canvas to the slot, which will have a UI prompt to help you and/or players know when you can interact!
4). On the specific note controller scripts make sure to tick the “Trigger object” box and add the trigger to the empty slot in the inspector!

Referencing the audio manager

1). If you click on the audio manager you can add addition elements to the array by incrementing the value by as many sound clips as you want to add, make sure to give them a name you will remember as you will reference this in your code!
If you find the package helpful, please leave a positive review and star rating as it would really help me out! If you have any problems, feel free to send an email to me!