Patch Notes - V1.5.2
Version 1.6.0 - October 2021 (IN PROGRESS)
  • N/A
Version 1.5.2 - June 2021 (CURRENT)
  • Updated the Raycast script to fully take into account walls and other objects that occlude interaction
  • Added a Photo style note example to the system, so you can use photos as well as text or even combine the two
  • Updated documentation to reflect changes in both instances
  • Make sure player character has layer of "Ignore Raycast" to stop raycasting issues
Version 1.5.1 - May 2021
  • ResetNote() method should have a reset for the audio prompt
  • Add the setup PDF to the package, as it's missing in newer versions
  • Changed some UI element names for consistency
Version 1.5 - April 2021
  • Remove "Previous" button on the first note page when there is no page to move back
  • Remove the "Next" button on the last page, when there isn't a page to move
  • Renamed "Next" & "Previous" UI Buttons for ease of use
  • Removed a key press from the script and changed to a Play/Pause UI Button
    • New graphics added for the button
  • Added a replay button for replaying spoken audio
  • Changed the key press for reversing the note and changed this to a UI button
    • All graphics changed to reflect this
  • Anchored all new and old UI elements
  • Fixed a bug where notes wouldn't reset properly - Created a reset method to update buttons and page number to their default when closing
Version 1.4.1 - April 2021
  • Fixed a small bug which made "Next" and "Previous" buttons appear when they shouldn't.
Version 1.4 - April 2021
  • New Additions
    • Online documentation found here:
    • Add multiple pages for notes, using an array to specify either images or text
      • Added "Next" and "Back" buttons to navigate pages
    • Added a close button for each pop-out, so notes can be closed with other actions
    • Added a new UI Manager for each note type
    • Created optimisations to refine the separate note controllers so UI's that are shared across multiple notes are controlled with one main UI controller, making the separate controllers more usable.
    • Audio when you turn the pages for "Next" and "Previous" - Also added a variable in the inspector to change the audio more easily
    • Added "EntireDemoScene_Prefab" for those that want a really quick start to getting setup
  • Minor Fixes:
    • Added new information to included documentation
    • Edited UI's and Canvas' to make them more optimised and view
    • Reduced file size of the product by removing light baking data
    • Fixed small issue with basic prefabs so "Press T" prompt didn't appear, when not wanting to play an audio clip
    • May need to edit the position of the note text boxes in the UI, if your image is different
    • Reduced the volume of the page flick audio effect
    • Reduced asset file size by removing baked lighting data
Version 1.3 – October 2020
  • General Fixes
    • Refactored all code and variables to be consistent throughout all note scripts
    • Reformatted the inspector to make it easier to use across all scripts
    • Edited Layermask of the raycast manager to give easier control of cancelling raycast
    • Updated all prefabs
    • Fixed an issue where the reverse and/or custom reverse notes which make one another activate, added a simple Boolean to check if the corresponding note is activate or not at any time. Also making it more efficient for all notes.
  • General Additions
    • Added a simple Boolean check, and audio clip slot in the inspector. If you want to add an audio clip to read your note (As part of your gameplay)
    • Added functionality to allow a button press and Boolean check to be added if you want the player to activate an audio clip on viewing the note
    • Both of the above features can be used together or separately, I have added a basic audio example for testing. Please see the demo scene for more!
Version 1.2 – July 2020
  • UI Changes:
    • Edited the canvas layout and the way it is display in Unity
  • Scripting Changes
    • Added a new Audio Manager, so more sounds can be added and called within script
    • Added a new input manager, which allows easy control of all inputs from one place
    • Refactored the Raycast, NoteController, ItemControllers and more!
    • Add additional check to the trigger interaction so UI prompt doesn’t appear when viewing a note.
  • Miscellaneous
  • Updated and edited sounds, textures and materials
  • Added new manager examples to the prefabs and demo scene
  • Update all prefabs and set them to 0, 0, 0 for future use
Version 1.1.2 – June 2020
  • General Additions
    • Trigger interaction added for 3rd person controllers and such
    • Input controller added for the raycast, allows you to pick from a keycode list
    • Inputs added for note controller, which allows you to choose a keycode on a per note basis
    • Enum added on a per note basis, creating a drop down to choose note type
  • UI Fixes / Changes
    • Added and updated all prompt UI’s.
    • Added a custom help UI with its own canvas (Can be removed)
    • Added new blur / background for note UI’s (Allowing them to be easily read)
    • Fixed all UI Anchors
  • General Fixes
    • General code refactoring and reformatting
Version 1.1.1 – May 2020
  • General Fixed
    • Added namespaces to scripts to stop any clashes with other projects
    • Added a new LayerMask called “LayerToExclude” which will allow you to add a layer to a wall or door (For example) and stop the raycast going through.
    • Updated demo scene FPSPrefab and general prefabs to be more consistent
Version 1.1 – March 2020
  • UI Changes:
    • Updated package to Unity 2017.4 (As per Unity Rules)
    • Added FPSController to package (As per Unity rule change)
Version 1.0 – February 2020
  • Initial Release
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