Padlock System - Introduction

Support: YouTube || Website || Discord || Email || Online Documentation Looking for a pack which combines all of my puzzle assets together, at a massively reduced price? Adventure Puzzle Kit This Padlock Puzzle System is a complete template for implementing your own padlock and combination system. The padlock allows you to input a 4 character string code which if matched by the player by moving the padlock spinners will allow some type of interaction to open doors/chests etc. The package contains a 2x PBR padlocks at 2048x2048 & A PBR Door. NEW FEATURES: ►V1.4 - Added ScriptableObjects for audio, code optimisations and features ►V1.3 - Adds refinements to all of the systems for ease of use ►V1.2 - Trigger Events - 3rd Person Interaction Capabilities INCLUDES ►Raycast System ►PBR Padlock Included ►4 Spinner interactions ►Animated lock latch ►Animated door with interaction script ►Two PBR textures sets Inc ►PBR Door asset ►Basic sound effects ►Fully prefabbed ►Full Documentation ►Online Documentation ►Full C# Source Code If you have any problems or have a question, don't hesitate to contact me via email​