Themed Key Sys - Introduction

Support: YouTube || Website || Discord || Email Looking for a pack which combines all of my puzzle assets together, at a massively reduced price? Adventure Puzzle Kit This Themed Key Unlock System is a complete template for implementing your own key and door system. The themed keys allow you to interact and open a specific themed door, as seen in popular Resident Evil titles. Featuring a: Heart, Diamond, Spade and Club design, with PBR assets. The package contains: - 2 x 4 PBR Themed keys at 2048x2048 - A PBR Door at 2048x2048 NEW FEATURES: ►V1.3 - MASSIVE UPDATE - Entire rework, dynamic inventory, ScriptableObjects, new sounds, new UI design, refinements and so much more! ►V1.2 - UnityEvents, rework, and managers INCLUDES ►Raycast System ►Add as many doors as is desired for your game ►Collect themed keys as seen in the resident evil series: Heart/Diamond/Spade/Club ►PBR themed keys in Silver and Gold metal, with PBR door ►Animated door animations and unlocking animations ►PBR door with basic animation and open script provided. ►Basic sound effects ►Fully prefabbed ►Full Documentation ►Full C# Source Code If you have any problems or have a question, don't hesitate to contact me via email​