Extending the System

How to reference the namespace:

If you need to access the Valve scripts from another script that isn’t in relation to my asset you may need to use a namespace collection at the top of your script: “Using ValveSystem;

Adding Additional Objects:

You can add additional valves, pipes and other items to your game if you add another scriptable object and duplicate the corresponding objects (Valve Pickup & Pipe Objects) – Then connect them up as before.

Creating more ScriptableObjects:

Need to create more valves for your puzzle? Just create a new “Valve” ScriptableObject, you can duplicate this from the ScriptableObject folder, then edit the ValveUIManager and add another slot to the “Inventory Slots” array in the inspector. This will allow you to add more than 4 valves to the system!

Use the Demo Scene for looking at usage and issues

Remember to take a look at the demo scene if you have any troubles, it might give you an idea on how to fix an issue!

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