Q). How do I Import the asset? A). Go to the Unity asset store and visit your “My Assets”. Download the asset if not already downloaded and click “Import”, import all required features of the asset for your use. It should have appeared in your project under “Valves & Pipe Puzzle System”. (If Unity warns you that you may overwrite project data, do not choose the “Project Settings” tickbox when importing the asset)
Q). Is there an example of this asset working? A). Yes, you can open the “ValveSceneDemo” to see the padlock asset in action or use this scene as your initial base of your project.
Q). How can I manually setup this asset? A). See the manual setup instructions on the "Detailed hintSetup" page
Q). My managers don’t stay between scenes properly? A). Take make these work best, they shouldn’t be in an empty game object, but loose within the hierarchy. This is just how the Don’tDestroyOnLoad works, I only put them with a managers parent gameobject to keep it looking neat and tidy!
Q). My Raycast isn’t working properly? A). Make sure your player character (If it has a collider) uses a layer of “Ignore Raycast” to help this!
Q). I need to create more Valves and colours for my game, how can I do this? A). Check out the “Adding more valves” page for more information on that!