Patch Notes - V1.4

Version 1.4 - June 2022
  • Organised project files and optimised texture naming
  • Organised demo scene for ease of use
  • Created a new UI manager to control all UI elements in one place
    • Add crosshair UI control to the UI manager from the raycast script
    • Adding basic disabling functionality to the UI manager
  • Created ScriptableObjects for all audioclips
  • Edited the disable manager to be more concise with new UI manager
Version 1.3 - June 2021 (CURRENT)
  • Updated the "PadlockRaycast" script
    • Added "Ignore Raycast" layer to the to player
    • No need for multiple tags within the system
  • Updated to Unity V2018.4
  • Added a material and shader to allow 3D text to be visible from one side only, removing the need for several other materials
  • Removed redundant materials and textures from the projects to save space
  • Removed light baking data from the demo scene to save space
  • Added the Raycast disabling reference to the disable manager for consistency and ease of access
  • Added a variable reference to the "DoorAnimation" script to change animation name easily
  • Refactored "PadlockController" script
    • Removed the need for multiple references to lock animations and camera, these are found automatically
    • Added audio clip sounds to the inspector to make customisation easier
    • Renamed variables to make them easier to understand and more consistent
Version 1.2 – July 2020
  • UI Changes:
    o Added a button prompt when using a “Trigger Style” event for 3rd person style interaction
  • Scripting Changes
    o Updated the Padlock Controller to incorporate “UnityEvents” to make successful code interaction multi-use, meaning you can produce multiple outcomes with ease
    o Added a new Audio Manager, so more sounds can be added and called within script
    o Added a new input manager, which allows easy control of all inputs from one place
    o Refactored the Raycast, PadlockController, ScriptSpinners and more!
  • Miscellaneous
    o Updated and edited sounds, textures and materials
    o Added new manager examples to the prefabs and demo scene
    o Update all prefabs and set them to 0, 0, 0 for future use
    o Added an additional Trigger Style interaction with 3rd person or possible first person instances.
Version 1.1.1 – May 2020
  • General Fixes
    o Added namespaces to scripts to stop any clashes with other projects
    o Added a new LayerMask called “LayerToExclude” which will allow you to add a layer to a wall or door (For example) and stop the raycast going through.
    o Updated demo scene FPSPrefab and general prefabs to be more consistent
Version 1.1 – March 2020
  • UI Changes:
    o Updated package to Unity 2017.4 (As per Unity Rules)
    o Added FPSController to package (As per Unity rule change)
Version 1.0 – February 2020
  • Initial Release