Q). How do I Import the asset? A). Go to the Unity asset store and visit your “My Assets”. Download the asset if not already downloaded and click “Import”, import all required features of the asset for your use. It should have appeared in your project under “Padlock System”. (If Unity warns you that you may overwrite project data, do not choose the “Project Settings” tickbox when importing the asset)
Q). Is there an example of this asset working? A). Yes, you can open the “PadlockDemo” to see the padlock asset in action or use this scene as your initial base of your project.
Q). How can I manually setup this asset? A). See the manual setup instructions on the "Main Setup" page
Q). How to add another padlock set to the same scene? A). Duplicate the “Padlock_Interactable”, “Padlock_Mechanism” and “Padlock_Controller” from your scene and increment the numbers like I mentioned in the Final Notes section.
Q). How can I use a different Character Controller with the padlock system?link
Q). Can I use this asset with a 3rd person character with this asset? A). Yes, all you need is to use the trigger event and add the “PadlockTrigger”. See additional note for details!
Q). My Raycast isn’t working properly? A). Make sure your player character (If it has a collider) uses a layer of “Ignore Raycast” to help this!