Patch Notes - V1.3

Version 1.3 - July 2023

  • Edited SafeTrigger script

    • Refactored this script for splitting methods for easier use

  • Refactored SafeUIManager script for better optimisation

    • Removed redundant references from UI Manager

  • Refactored SafeController for better optimisation

    • Moved UnityEvent to the bottom of the inspector

  • Edited AudioManager so it uses the Sound scriptable rather than the scriptable name

  • Renamed SafeRaycast to SafeInteractor

    • Changed the variables names and created new editor extensions

  • Changed namespace from SafeUnlockSystem to SafeSystem

  • Made Sound script generic

  • Rescaled demo scene and all 3D models

  • Duplicated all scripts to fix script GUID issues when using other assets

  • Added an example in event to show items inside and switching layers so you can raycast on the items inside

  • Renamed all UI elements and added a CanvasGroup to the Safe Canvas for easier usage

  • Converted all .MP3s to .WAVs for consistency and reusability

  • Renamed all UI Icons for consistency

Version 1.2 - June 2022

  • Renamed, applied and formatted textures within folders for ease of use

  • Unified entire UI elements and decoupled from separate controllers

  • Organised the demo scene inspector for better usage

  • Removed baked lighting to reduce project filesize

  • Created ScriptableObject sounds and updated AudioManager

  • Updated Raycast script to recent 2022 version

  • Created new UI Manager

    • Moved crosshair UI to UIManager

    • One single UI manager for all safes available

  • Renamed SafeItemController to SafeItem for ease of understanding

  • Refactored DisableManager to removed UICrosshair and refine references

  • Refactored Trigger functionality and refined the script

    • Added InteractPrompt to the new UI Manager

Version 1.1 – July 2020

  • Added 3 clean PBR texture sets to go with the previously included, damage set

  • Added third person interaction with the package

  • Fixed an issue where you could rotate the safe objects and when the dial resets, it resets in an unexpected position

  • Updated the disable manager to remove redundant code

  • Refactored the SafeController script to get rid of unnecessary variable linking, making it easier for setup

  • Cleaned the default Unity exceptions in the inspector for private serialized variables, just for peace of mind

Version 1.0 - September 2020

  • Initial Release

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