Patch Notes - V1.3

Version 1.3 - June 2023
  • Added new inventory visuals for system
    • Added new background sprite
    • Remove fuse text and combined that into the sprite image
    • Moved FuseAmount text to the corner
    • Added CanvasGroup to the canvas for show and hiding the UI
  • Added door example to the demo scene
    • Applied root motion to door
    • Add an animation to the door and connected this to the controller event to play the animation
  • Added a note into the input manager to mention where the system inputs are
  • Renamed FBRaycast to FBInteractor
    • Removed the need for a tag as it minds the script we require
    • Refined the script to remove redundant code
  • Duplicated all scripts to fix GUID issues when using multiple assets
  • Made Sound script generic to stop asset clashing
  • Mentioned in documentation, where to find inputs in scripts
  • Added slightly optimisations to the FBUIManager
  • Renamed FBItem to FuseItem for consistency
    • Removed the GetComponent call from the interaction section to awake for performance
  • Refactored the FBAudioManager to use the SO rather than the string name
  • Large Refactor of the FBController script
    • Added arrays for all fuses and lights to make the code much cleaner and easier to read
Version 1.2 - May 2022 (CURRENT)
  • Re-imported models and resized for the demo scene
  • Add a new Fuse box model with a hinged door
  • Recreated the Fuse Inventory UI
  • Edited and added new sound effects
  • Refactored and renamed all scripts for ease of use and optimisations
Version 1.1 - December 2021
  • Updated the “Sound” script to now be a ScriptableObject – You can now create them by right clicking in the project and choosing to create a new sound
  • Refined the raycast script to make it easier and more efficient to use
  • Added tag to raycast so when events end, the fuse box can not be interacted with
  • Added ScriptableObjects for sounds in the FuseItemController and main controller scripts
  • Refactored all scripts to be more efficient and offer cross over in functionality
  • Refined basic UI’s to fit in all resolutions and aspects
  • Anchored the UI elements to perform across aspects
  • Added namespaces for all scripts to keep them from clashing with any others
  • Created an input manager to control different types of inputs within one object
  • Refined and refactored all scripts to make them more efficient and easy to use
  • Refined the raycast script to exclude particular layers (If required)
  • Refined the “FuseboxController” script to include UnityEvents for easy interactions when the puzzle is complete - Created a “FuseItemController” which can be added to items to set whether they should be “Fusebox” or “Fuses” for easy manipulation
  • Added a basic FPS prefab to the project for ease of use
  • Added a basic test scene for viewing the objects and testing - Changed sound clips and reduced overall audio for each - Resized all elements to fit against a consistent size
Version 1.0 - December 2021
  • Initial Release