Q). Is there an example of this asset working?

A). Yes, you can open the “Keypad_Demo_Scene” to see the keypad asset or use this scene as your initial base of your project.

Q). How can I manually setup this asset?

A). See the manual setup instructions on the page below. Make sure to remember to import the standard assets into your scene before starting or you may have errors!

Q). Why can’t I see the UI or why is the UI in the wrong place?

A). that might be because you may have dragged some UI objects into the scene rather than onto the hierarchy. Make sure the X, Y, Z positioning of all parent objects (Which contain the UI’s) are set to 0, 0, 0 in the inspector.

Q). My Raycast doesn't work properly, what can I do?

A). You should make sure your player controller has a layer of "Ignore Raycast" - It will not interfere with the raycast at this point!

Q). Can I use this asset with a different character controller or door interaction?

A). This asset is intended for use with the provided Unity Standard Assets character controller and my included door interaction script provided but can be replaced by doing a couple of simple modifications. See “Extending the keypad asset” or send me an email and I’ll be happy to help you out!

Q). How can I add more than one keypad to my scene?

A). Check the “Extending the keypad system”.

Q). Do you want to organise the keypad elements into an empty GameObject?

A). When you create an empty GameObject, please make sure that the X, Y, Z coordinates of the empty GameObject are all 0, 0, 0 before dragging the parts into the GameObject.

Q). Can I use this asset with a 3rd person character with this asset?

A). Yes, all you need is to use the trigger event and add the “KeypadTrigger” script and attach the specific keyboard object which has the script “PhysicalKeypadInteract”. See additional note for details!

Q). My managers don’t stay between scenes properly?

A). Take make these work best, they shouldn’t be in an empty game object, but loose within the hierarchy. This is just how the Don’tDestroyOnLoad works, I only put them with a managers parent gameobject to keep it looking neat and tidy!