Note System - Introduction

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The Note & Letter System is a comprehensive template that enables you to implement your own letter-reading system within Unity. This system lets you interact with a 3D object in your game world and display a larger, UI-driven version of this object for players to read. It now also supports multiple page options, audio playing, scriptable objects and an inventory system
  • Suitable for First & Third Person style games
  • Raycast System & Trigger Events
  • Multiple Page System
  • Audio Reading Versions
  • ScriptableObjects for Notes
  • Inventory System for Notes
  • Show Photos or Text
  • Change note design without having to create more than 1 UI for all notes
  • Sample notes included
  • Sample icons included
  • Basic UI setup included
  • Sound effects: Picking up note
  • Full Documentation
  • Full C# Source Code
  • V2.0 - Unified systems, ScriptableObject Notes and custom inventory
  • V1.6 - ALL Note Controller revisions, optimisations, custom editors
  • V1.5 - Audio play / pause buttons, replay button and new reverse UI button
  • V1.4 - Added the ability to have multiple pages per note
  • V1.3 - Audio clips can be played upon reading the note
If you have any problems or have a question, don't hesitate to contact me via email