Patch Notes - V1.4.3
Version 1.5 (WORK IN PROGRESS)
  • Add blur shader for URP demos
    • Add to the setup page
  • Create HDRP demo
    • Add to the setup page
  • Inventory for collected items, so can be examined on your journey
  • Lerp the transition of the object from place to camera
  • Add ScriptableObjects for all sounds
  • Mention note about zooming levels of objects
  • Mention PostBaseEffect issue
  • Invert for rotation of objects asn option
  • Update to Raycast V2022
  • Create new UI Manager
    • Crosshair UI
Version 1.4.3 (CURRENT)
  • Updated online documentation & included PDF to match with all affected changes
  • Added a "GameObject Tag Reference" page so the objects which need specific setup can be referenced
  • Refactored the "ExamineItemController" script and added a collapsable "TextCustomisation" for variables to keep the inspector clean
  • Added HDRP videos, examples and blur effects
Version 1.4.2
  • Fixed an issue where adding "Walls" or an exclude layer would cause issues with object interaction, now no tags or layers are needed on a per object basis. ONLY: Layers of "ExamineLayer" & "InspectPointLayer" are required
  • Changed the name of "InspectPointMask" to "InspectPointLayer" for consistency
  • Removed some redudant code from the "RaycastManager" and "ItemController" script to reflect these changes
  • Added the ability to change the position of the object, on the horizontal axis so you can move it around the screen
  • Added a vertical offet to the system to control how far the object should appear up or down, based on your settings
  • Added a boolean to show the "Help UI" on a per object basis. Update the "HelpPanel" elements to change the look and feel of the help prompts
Version 1.4.1 (CURRENT)
  • Added a mention to the FAQ about pivot points to explain how to easily solve an issue with objects not rotating as you'd expect!
  • If objects have children - Added an array to make sure all children change and all emission changes too
  • Created a boolean to tick, if the object is an empty parent - Meaning you will get less errors regarding emission
Version 1.4.0 - April 2021
  • New Features:
    • New variable in the inspector so sound names can easily be added from the "AudioManager"
      • Various sounds effects added for examine interaction sounds
    • Custom text highlight near the cursor to tell you item name and interaction information
      • Custom interaction toggle for both emission highlight and item name highlight
      • Custom Canvas created to modify: Images, text and prompts!
      • Added objects to the "UI Manager" so these only need to be linked once
    • Addition of inspection points to give the system more depth
      • Only become visible when interacting
    • Custom Events - So more things can happen when interacting with an object
      • Custom event interaction when selecting items
      • Lid removal on box example script
      • Key pickup example script
  • Minor Fixes:
    • Changed both "MainCamera" and "ExaminePoint" variables so they're found automatically "OnStart()" rather than adding them yourself
    • Refactored the script and re-ordered variables
    • New test scene with more explanations, examples and presentation
Version 1.3.1 - March 2021
  • Created online documentation
  • Updated included documentation for adding a new controller and general tweaks
  • Reduced file size of the package by removing light-baked data
Version 1.3 – November 2020
  • Added a close button within the UI, so the examine can be dropped using a button
  • Set the distance the item is from the camera, based on a value in the inspector
  • Set the starting rotation of an object with an X, Y, Z value in the inspector
  • Zoom in and out of the object using the scrollwheel
  • Set zooming bounds with between 2 values
  • Added Text: Size, Font, Style and Color variables in the inspector to easily customise the UI’s on a per asset basis
  • Added the built in “OnDestroy” method to make sure objects destroy material instances upon leaving the scene (To avoid memory leaks)
  • Added the “ExcludeLayer” to the raycast to ensure users can negate raycasts through other objects
  • Connected the “UIManager” to the “ExamineItemScript” to avoid any extra setup
  • Refactored the “ExamineItemScript” for refined code and ease of use
Version 1.2 – July 2020
  • Scripting Changes
    • Updated the Examine Controller to incorporate a one script setup
    • Added a new Audio Manager, so more sounds can be added and called within script
    • Added a new input manager, which allows easy control of all inputs from one place
    • Refactored the Raycast, ExamineController and more!
  • Miscellaneous
    • Updated and edited sounds, textures and materials
    • Added new manager examples to the prefabs and demo scene
    • Update all prefabs and set them to 0, 0, 0 for future use
Version 1.1 – Late May 2020
  • Scripting Changes
    • Created an input manager to control custom inputs for the system
    • Custom interaction keys for choosing your own
    • Refactored and renamed code to be more consistent and optimised throughout
    • Changed variable names to make the scripts more consistent
    • Added an “Enum” for different types of UI displays when examining
  • Miscellaneous
    • Added an additional UI example for displaying item text – Right hand side
    • Set canvas scaling to match screen resolution
    • Anchored all UI’s for correct functionality
Version 1.0 – Early May 2020
  • Initial Release Code optimisations and improvements
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