URP Setup


  • Make sure to create tags called:
    • "ExaminePoint" (Tag for the "ExaminePoint" gameobject parented to the "ExamineCamera")
    • "InspectPoint" (Tag for every single inspect point that exists for an object)
  • Create two layers:
    • β€œExamineLayer” (Doesn't need to be added to objects, referenced in code)
    • "InspectPointLayer" (Tag for every single inspect point)
NOTE: If you need to know what tags go on which game object, see the page below:

URP Basic Setup:

  • Select your "Main Camera" and set the "Culling Mask" so that you UNTICK the "ExamineLayer" & "InspectPointLayer" - As we don't want the main camera to render our examinable objects.
  • Select the β€œExamine Camera” and make sure the β€œCulling Mask” is set to β€œExamineLayer” & "InspectPointLayer" – Make sure to create this in the layers at the top right of the inspector if not already
  • Make sure that all inspect points have the layer of: "InspectPointLayer" and NOT "ExamineLayer" or it will not detect them.
  • Select the β€œExamine Camera” and make sure it’s type is β€œOverlay Camera” and NOT β€œBase”. Only one camera, your main camera should be set to β€œBase”.
  • On the "Main Camera" find the "Stack" options and click the "+" icon and now add the "ExamineCamera" to this slot
I have a URP Blur package and project ready for you to use, if not you can use a blur like this: https://github.com/tomc128/urp-kawase-blur​
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