Q). How do I Import the asset?
A). Go to the Unity asset store and visit your “Download manager”. Download the asset if not already downloaded and click “Import”, import all required features of the asset for your use. It should have appeared in your project under “Examine System”.
Q). Should I import “Project Settings” when choosing to import this asset?
A). It is always recommended NOT to import project settings unless important for your project, you can alternatively create an entirely new project and import this asset with the project setting, then transfer the package folder over to your current project. To save any issues! Always back up your project before importing any assets – If you have any issues, do let me know!
Q). Emissive not working?
A). An object with the "ExamineItemController" script needs to have a mesh renderer attached, the emission needs to be ticked on your objects material and the value white or in the middle. The script will turn it off at the start.
Q). My objects aren't rotating properly? What is that? What's going on? The zoom isn't working?
A). Make sure that all your objects have the correct unit scale and you're not scaling the X, Y, Z value down too much or you would have to increase rotation values by a lot. Make sure that importing models are as close to 1, 1, 1 on the scaling axis'
Q). Emissive error when using an object with children?
A). An object which has the examine script does require a mesh renderer but if you have children you want to get into account when add the emissive effect, I have added a little boolean and array to specify when your object has children! If you have any troubles at all, do send me an email!
Q). Is there an example of this asset working?
A). Yes, you can open the “Examine System Demo” to see the flashlight system in action, or use this scene as your initial base of your project.
Q). I’m having trouble getting the interaction to work. What can I do?
A). Make sure your Examine Objects (GameObjects) have the script "ExamineItemController"
Q). My Raycast isn't working properly? When I look at objects lower down it doesn't interact
A). Make sure your character controller (If it has a collider) has the layer of "Ignore Raycast" - This will stop the Raycast being interrupted when looking at lower objects!
tQ). The blur isn’t working or has errors in my version of Unity?
A). This can be removed if you have a different solution, another good solution would be to use a panel (With some transparency) instead of the blur. You would have to edit the script to make the panel appear instead of the blur, but you’ll only need to change a couple of lines. (Might be more prevalent in HDRP)
Q). My object isn’t rendering properly when attached to the Examine Camera and examining, I also have children objects within this object.
A). If your object is not rendering properly or has children, remember that you must set all the children (and parent) with the layer of “ExamineLayer” to make it render above the blur.
Q). I’m using children on my object I interact with, what should I do?
A). Only add the scripts and/or collider to the parent object but make sure this parent object has a material, if you want to use the “ShowHighlight” function – If not, the highlight will not work and functionality will be broken. Just untick “ShowHighlight” if that is the case!
Q). My managers don’t stay between scenes properly?
A). I have added all managers to an empty game object to make the demo more neat, they shouldn’t be in an empty game object, but loose within the hierarchy. This is just how the Don’tDestroyOnLoad works, I only put them with a managers parent gameobject to keep it looking neat and tidy!
Q). My object doesn't rotate in the correct place? Why is that?
A). Make sure that your pivot point is where you'd like to rotate your examined object, you may need to import your model into your 3D program to change the pivot point!
Q). How do I add inspection points?
Q). How can I change the character controller that is used in this asset?
Q). What is this PostEffect Error?
A). This is just a warning from Unity and you don't have to worry about it.