Adding Inspection Points

Creating the Inspection point:

Inspection points can be visible objects or just invisible colliders, depending on what you need for your game - Use my test scene to get an idea of what they're like!
The knife has 2 inspection points as children
1). Each inspect point should be setup as such:
  • Tag: InspectPoint
  • Layer: InspectPointLayer
  • Add: Box Collider
  • Add: ExamineInspectPoint script
2). Here you can add a brief description in text box to display when you hover over an inspection point.
  • You can also have an OnClick event when you select a point, you can see my example on the Cardboard Box in the test scene. Which hides and unhides an object.

Inspect Point Main Object

On the parent object, in this example the knife object select the ExaminableItem script and add the inspect points to the inspect point array at the bottom of the inspector